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Something for everyone!

Enjoy your summer vacation on the north shore of PEI, Canada!

#1 Island destination in North America; Top 10 in the world
-- Travel and Leisure magazine, 2004

Best Golf & Travel Destination in North America
-- Toronto Sun 2005 Golfers' Choice Awards

"P.E.I. is an overlooked gem....a worthy destination for anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures in wide-open spaces"
-- Mark Stachiew, Read the article

Why has PEI received these accolades? Read on to find out...
(Or browse our Activities QuickLINKS for an instant glimpse of some of the many possibilities that will make your visit to the Island a memorable one).

Become part of an annual revitalization ritual

Prince Edward Island comes alive during the summer months. Shaking off the cold blanket of winter, the Island collectively greets the arrival of Spring with a newfound sense of life and purpose that builds to a crescendo during summer, when the Island is its most vibrant. Nature and culture are celebrated, with music, dance, theatre, arts, crafts, and fine dining competing for your attention with an endless array of outdoor activities on land and sea. Summer on PEI is carefree, and the Cavendish north shore area has long been the hub of summertime excitement, engrossing Islanders and visitors alike in an annual ritual of revitalization.

Prince Edward Island in Autumn

Autumn on the Island has its own unique charm. As fall approaches, the rhythm of the Island gradually shifts once again as the tempo of human activity echoes that of the surrounding nature, growing calmer as the days grow shorter, with fields radiating a golden glow and leaves foreshadowing a long process of colour change that will extend for weeks to reach peak saturation around the beginning of October. Many Islanders feel that autumn is our best season, and it is a great time for being outdoors, whether that be waking up with an invigorating morning hike or enjoying a relaxed game of golf under the warm mid-day sun. With the drama of summer over, fall is the perfect time to settle in on a riverbank and try your hand at fishing, hike or cycle back roads, or wander community trails in search of that perfect photo. With the golden autumn palate warming up the seaside vistas, a perfect photo is well within reach…

Open spaces, pastoral seaside setting

It all begins with an appreciation of the spectacular natural setting. The shifting sands of the living dune environment extend for miles along the PEI north shore, providing shelter for endangered bird species (more here), a pristine environment for the study of unique geological formations, and miles upon miles of beaches for you to enjoy. Heritage roads cut through swaths of forest by the Island's early settlers provide glimpses through treed canopies of the rolling farmland and river vistas beyond. But there are infinite ways to experience the Island. Whether it be hiking or cycling numerous community trails or the Confederation Trail that traverses the Island from tip to tip, enjoying the spectacular views while teeing up on one of its premier golf courses, trying your luck at deep sea fishing in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, enjoying a sumptuous lobster supper -- that quintissential PEI summertime feast -- or experiencing uplifting jazz, classical and Maritime music resonating throughout one of the Island's most distinctive churches, there is plenty to captivate a spirit set free a thousand miles from home. There are a million things to do on this "million acre farm," so we know that you will not be left wanting.

Make yourself at home -- choose from a range of accommodations

There is a range of accommodation options on the Island's north shore, including cozy Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) which allow you to share your experiences with your hosts and other travellers. For those who prefer the freedom to come and go as they please, prepare their own meals, and relax in a home-like environment, self-catering cottages rented by the week are a good choice, and the ability to buy and prepare one's own meals makes even the more luxurious and roomy "executive" cottages a cost-effective alternative to hotels and other similar options.

As proprietors of Seascape Chalet, a 1400 square foot 2 bedroom/ 2 bath executive cottage perched on a peninsula jutting out into the protected waters of New London Bay and with views of the PEI National Park and the barrier sand dunes of Cavendish, we feel that we offer a vacation value that is second to none. We provide a luxurious chalet sleeping 4-6 guests, a tranquil waterfront location within 5 minutes of all the attractions of Cavendish, all the quality amenities you would expect in a 4 star vacation home, attention to detail, and friendly and attentive service to ensure you will have a wonderful vacation experience.

Seascape Chalet is ideal for a couple looking for a romantic escape, golfing couples wanting to tee it up at our nearby world-class golf courses, and families wanting to provide their kids with an exciting holiday while enjoying a relaxing and memorable vacation themselves.

Find more here about what you can expect from a vacation at Seascape Chalet, including chalet amenities, location, rates, availability, and reservation inquiries.

Planning your Prince Edward Island vacation

For those not familiar with Prince Edward Island, this site aims to provide a glimpse of some of the many possibilities for a memorable vacation on the PEI north shore, focusing on activities within a 15 minute drive of Seascape Chalet. Visitors who would like more detailed information about travelling to PEI should visit the PEI Tourism site which provides comprehensive information on anything you will need in planning your vacation. The Things to do, Events, and Anne's Land pages provide a quick glimpse of the events and activities that one can enjoy on the PEI North Shore, and you can also order your copy of the PEI Visitor's Guide there (the 2006 edition will come out in early January). The interactive map-based "Explore PEI" itinerary planner can help you to completely map out your travel plans.

Explore the links to the right to discover some of the possibilities, or for a quick overview, begin with the Activities QuickLINKS tab. Enjoy the site, and we hope that we will soon see you on "the Island!"

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View of New London Bay from Seascape Chalet


At 9:46 AM, Anonymous FreeYourMind420 said...

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At 12:16 AM, Blogger islander said...

Thanks for the comment! You've probably met a few Islanders wintering down in Florida who have told you that for fishing, there is more to PEI than lobster and cod!

Here are a couple of links you might find interesting:

Because of its relatively small rivers, fly fishing on PEI is primarily for brook trout, though rainbow trout has been introduced. FlyfishingPEI is one outfit offering guided flyfishing tours, based in Summerside.

But PEI's sport fishing claim to fame is TUNA, with charters based in the port of North Lake on the eastern end of the Island. MacNeill's is one of several tuna charters based in this tiny fishing village that has hosted the annual PEI Tuna Challenge since 2001 and the Canada International Tuna Cup in 2005.


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