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Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the possibilities for recreation and fun in the north shore region. Enjoy!

Horseback Riding
Harness Racing
Scenic drives
Family Fun
Amusement Parks
Miniature Golf
Petting Zoo
family dining
dinner theatre
fine dining
Lobster Suppers
Cook your own
Anne of Green Gables
Arts & Crafts Shops
Pottery Studios
Community Festivals

Outdoor activities: Fun on the water

-- beachcomb the tranquil pebble/sand shoreline of New London Bay peninsula (on site)
-- swimming, sunbathing (on site)
-- sand dunes of PEI National Park and Cavendish beach (within view, 3 min. drive)
-- snorkeling (more here), windsurfing, and numerous water-based activities. (1 min.)

  • What kind of a beach-goer are you? Are you a Blissed-out Beachgoer? Adventurer at Sea? Beach Bird Watcher? The PEI north shore provides a haven for these beach-goers and more, all within minutes of Seascape Chalet. Check out Life at the Beach for more.
-- slip for small boats available to guests (on site)
-- kayaks, sea kayaks, canoes available for rent at Pier Marina (1 min.)
-- sailing (dock and slipway available at Stanley Bridge wharf - inquire).

Motorized Activities
-- parasailing – the Island’s only, with dry boat-takeoff and landing (1 min.)
-- jetskiing – tour New London Bay (1 min.)
-- water skiing (1 min.)
-- motorboat rental (1 min.)

-- Grahams Deep Sea Fishing & Scenic Tour, Stanley Bridge wharf (3 min.)
-- inland fishing. Secluded spots for catching brook trout are within 5-15 mins. (License required)
-- Or for a fun eco-tour, take part in a guided fly-fishing expedition!

Outdoor activities: Fun on the land

Walking, Hiking, and Cycling (more info)
-- miles of dirt tracks ideal for impromptu hiking or biking (on site)
-- Community Trails (easy hiking in a variety of natural environments):

-- The Confederation trail, the former railway that now allows one to hike or cycle from one end of the Island to the other. This is one of the best opportunities to experience some of the Island's inland natural habitat (Read one traveller's account). Nearest access is Breadalbane (15 min.) or Kensington (15 min.)

-- Heritage roads. Some of the earliest Island roads are only minutes away.

  • Scenic Trout River road nearby provides one access point. (3 min.)

  • Perry Road, Hazelgrove (off Trout River Rd., 10 min.)

  • Princeton/ Wharburton, Fredericton (off Trout River Rd., 10 min.)

  • Junction Road, Hartsville (15 min.)

  • Millman Road, Irishtown (15 min.)

  • One of the best ways to explore PEI's "back country" is to throw the map away and just explore. It is virtually impossible to get lost, and before long, you will end up "somewhere." Allow plenty of time for stopping to photograph the scenery, or perhaps for trying to capture on film that red fox that just poked its head out of the trees alongside the road!

Horseback Riding
-- Cavendish Trail Rides (3 min.)

Harness Racing

Horse lovers might also want to experience Islanders' love of harness racing. The season reaches its climax in Charlottetown with the prestigious Gold Cup and Saucer Race during Old Home Week in mid August, and earlier visitors can see harness racing during the mid-July Summerside Lobster Carnival, but a true understanding of the love of harness racing on PEI is perhaps best gained at the small tracks scattered around the Island (Read one person's account).

Scenic Drives
-- Some of the earliest Island roads are only minutes away. Nearest heritage roads with dirt track and treed canopies overlooking scenic vistas are Perry Road in Hazelgrove and
Princeton/ Wharburton Road in Fredericton (both off Trout River Rd., about 10 min.). Trout River Road itself is scenic, as is the entire North Granville area. Junction Road in Hartsville (15 min.) and Millman Road in Irishtown (15 min.) are also nearby.
-- for a longer excursion, the central location of the Cavendish region allows one to venture either “up west” or “down east” to either tip of the island within 11/2- 2 hours, making either of these scenic drives easily accommodated into your itinerary as a day trip.

Family Attractions

Amusement Parks
-- Sandspit(3 min.)
-- Shining Waters Family Fun Park (3 min.)

Miniature Golf
-- Sunset Campground, Cavendish (3 min.)
-- Sandspit, Cavendish (3 min.)
-- Mariner’s Cove miniature golf (5 min.)
-- Marco Polo mini golf (7 min.)

Other Family Activities
-- large open space for softball, kite flying, etc. and a selection of family games available (on site)
-- bird watching (National Park, 3 min.)
-- petting zoo (Shining Waters Fun Park, 3 min.)
-- Grandpa’s antique photo studio (5 min.)
-- Ripley’s Believe it or not (5 min.)
-- Wax World of the Stars (5 min.)
-- bicycle and kayak rental (10 min.)

Food and Dining

Casual/Cafe-style Dining:

-- Sam's Restaurant (Cavendish, 3 min.)
-- Carr's Oyster Bar (Stanley Bridge, 3 min.)
-- Spot O' Tea (Stanley Bridge, 3 min.)
-- Blue Winds Tea Room (New London, 7 min.)
-- Cafe on the Clyde at PEI Preserve Co. (New Glasgow, 10 min.)

Family Dining:

-- Fyfe's Landing (Stanley Bridge, 3 min.)
-- Pizza Delight (Cavendish Boardwalk, 3 min.)
-- Chez Yvonne (Cavendish, 4 min.)
-- Bright River restaurant (Cavendish, 5 min.)
-- New London Seafood Restaurant (New London wharf, 8 min.)

Dinner Theatre:

-- Eddie May mystery dinner theatre (Stanley Bridge, 3 min.)

Fine Dining:

Want to celebrate an anniversary or other extra-special occasion? Thanks to the PEI Culinary Institute, the Island is quickly gaining a reputation for fine dining that combines fresh local produce and seafood with culinary artistry to create inspired dishes that make for an unforgettable dining experience when enjoyed against the backdrop of an evocative Island vista.

Try one of these fine restaurants on the PEI north shore
(reservations recommended):

-- Shipwright's Cafe (Margate, 8 min.)
-- Olde Glasgow Mill Restaurant (New Glasgow, 10 min.)
-- Dayboat (Oyster Bed Bridge, 15 min.)
-- Dalvay-by-the-Sea (Grand Tracadie, 30 min.)

Cultural events, festivals, and attractions

-- Indian River Festival (15-20 min.)
-- Ceilidhs, celebrations of Celtic heritage. Held throughout the island, but regularly at the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts in Summerside (30 min.)

-- Victoria Playhouse, Victoria-by-the-Sea (20 min.)
-- Charlottetown Festival (30 min.)

Anne of Green Gables
-- Green Gables house (5 min.)
-- Site of LM Montgomery's Cavendish Homestead (5 min.)
-- LM Montgomery gravesite, Cavendish corner (5 min.)
-- Avonlea Village (5 min.)
-- LM Montgomery's birthplace, New London (8 min.)
-- Lucy Maud Montgomery Heritage Museum, Park Corner (20 min.)
-- Anne of Green Gables Museum at Silverbush, Park Corner (20 min.)

Antiques, Craft Shops & Art Galleries
-- Old Stanley Bridge School (3 min.)
-- Stanley Bridge Antiques, Gifts & Gallery (5 min.)
-- Art Gallery of Tony Diodati (15 min.)

Pottery studios
-- Stanley Bridge Studios (5 min.)
-- Trout River Pottery, Stanley Bridge (7 min.)
-- Village Pottery, New London (8 min.)

-- Green Gables House and heritage site (5 min.)
-- Marine aquarium and manor of birds, Stanley Bridge (5 min.)

Community Festivals
-- Provincial Exhibition/Old Home Week, Charlottetown (30 min.)
-- Lobster Carnival, Summerside (30 min.)
-- Crapaud Exhibition – for small-town experience (20 min.)

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View of New London Bay from Seascape Chalet


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